Budget Summary 2023/24


Company cars and fuel

The basis for taxing company cars and fuel provided for private use is set out in Table C. The charges are currently fixed until the end of 2024/25, and the Autumn Statement included confirmation of the rates going forward until 2027/28. The rates continue to incentivise the take-up of electric vehicles, even though they can no longer be provided completely tax-free.

The provision of a van available for private use gives rise to a tax charge on a deemed income figure of £3,960 (up from £3,600), plus £757 if fuel is also provided free (up from £688). An electric van available for an employee’s private use does not give rise to a tax charge.

National Living Wage and National Minimum Wage

The National Living Wage will increase by 9.7% for individuals aged 23 and over to £10.42 per hour from 1 April 2023. Other rates of National Living Wage will rise from the same date by different percentages.

Company Share Ownership Plans (CSOPs)

As announced in September 2022, the limit on the value of shares that can be subject to CSOP options when granted to employees will be doubled to £60,000 with effect from 6 April 2023, along with some other relaxations to align the rules better with Enterprise Management Incentive (EMI) scheme options and to enable more companies to use the schemes.